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Our publication focuses on various pillars of startup ecosystem like Business, Entrepreneurship, Branding, Marketing, Fundraising, and Mental Health.

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  • Business — Company formation, Ideation, Product development, Team building, Business Strategies, Workplace…

A simple and regular engagement will keep you safe than investing in huge ad spend.

2022 will bring more prosperity to our life.

I am having two resolutions for this year. I want to focus on organic social media reach and medium as my second hassle. I warp up 2021 with lots of negativity and sliding down to the beginning.

Over the few months, I…

You are driven by your mindset and not with your knowledge.

As an entrepreneur, your views and perspective on things happening around you are always different. When you feel or see any difficulties as an entrepreneur, you drive to find a solution.

Entrepreneurial Mindset — it is a new dimension

An entrepreneurial mindset is the style of thought that encourages you…

Retail is a magic. We need to perform with at most care, every time.

It happened when I joined a multi-chain retail company in India. We are facing our first ever festive season sale. New brand, new market, so we wish to hit the market with killer offers.

The preparation for the festive season promotion started almost three months earlier. It is a hypermarket…

Branding is an emotion. People follow their emotions always.

In this competitive market, everyone wants to increase their customer base by implementing various strategies. Most of the brands that implemented their emotional branding strategy result in higher customer acquisition.

Then brand engages with its customers, addressing the trends of consumers and developing an emotional relationship with the brand. …

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